Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all my Blog Readers!
We are having a great holiday so far! We are getting ready for bed in hopes that Santa will be here soon!
Just a quick website are all still open. However I am on vacation until Jan. 2nd. You can still place orders, but I will not begin on them until Jan 2nd.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Day for Online Orders & More

Last Call for all online orders to arrive by Christmas. If you are needing to order bottle caps for upcoming show or to make gifts, the last day to order is December 10th!!! Orders must be paid for by midnight cst or I cannot guarantee delivery by December 23rd (so you have a day to make stuff!) Any order placed after that date that needs to be there by Christmas will incur a $25 fee for rush service and overnight shipping!!!

If you need to place an order for COMPLETED keychain, clips or anything else, the Last Day to order online is Dec. 12th. Items must be paid for by midnight.

If you are local and want to place an order and you are willing to pick up your order, the last day to order is December 17th!!!

I will be taking a MUCH MUCH needed break from December 20th thru the new year! You can still place orders, but I will not begin working on them until January 2nd!

I will be at Builta School in Bolingbrook tomorrow from 10am-2pm. I hope you can stop by and see me. There will be lots of activities for kids and Santa will be making an appearance :)

I would like to thank my wonderful customers this year! Thank you for choosing me to be your supplier or for choosing my hair accessories for your child. Without you, alot of things would not be possible for me!

Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Craft Shows!!!

I am going to be at Ames School in Riverside today! Doors open at 3pm. Hope to see you there!
I have lots of nice stuff that make great stocking stuffers.
I added my HUGE event to the side bar for Dec 10-12th. Will be posting my December 19th event soon as well!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I am thankful for everything I have in my life. I am also thankful for all my wonderful customers!

On a side note, I added 1 show to my list for Dec. 3rd.
I will also be doing 1 more show that is not listed but I do not have all the details yet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well long time no blog for me! I have been pretty busy!

I have a show this Saturday, in LaGrange Park. So if you are in the area, stop by! It's from 9-3pm.

I just confirmed some other shows for Nov. 28th and Dec 5th. I have some more I am waiting to hear back from!

I am busy over here trying to get orders out as fast as possible and making more stock for shows.

I updated the shipping schedule. All orders from Nov 10th and before have been shipped.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Craft Show

I am behind on posting my Nov shows. I am trying to wait on confirmations before I post.
On Sunday November 8th, I will be at the Early Snowflake Bazaar in Stickney, IL.
Its from 9 am to 2pm, I am booth #30. According to the map I am right by the doors/entrance.

Hope to see you there. Please see side bar for exact address.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bottle Caps, Bottle Caps, Bottle Caps

I finished up some orders today. Here are a few of the ones I made. I love them all. I am addicted to bottle caps :)

I listed a few new sets of bottle caps in my bonanzle store the other day. Mostly some halloween sets I should have listed a long time ago.
I have a sale post on the blog for my bottle caps. Be sure to check that out. Ends on Halloween.
I have a show coming up on Saturday in North Riverside, IL. Be sure to come by if you can.
I want to thank all my customers and loyal supporters for everything. Without you all, I wouldn't have even started making these for sale. I have come so far in a year. I did hit a few snags with shipping times these past 2 months. This was my first ever major craft season that I was making caps for, so I didnt know what to expect.
I am working on a new system to get things out faster. I can't start using it until Dec though, but it will be better for spring craft show.
Working on alot of other things, but I am still trying to get new images listed. Its a long process.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sale Sale Sale!!!!

Hey bloggers!
I am having a special sale to everyone who can find this code :)

I am offering 20% off all of my bottle caps. Use code BLOGTWENTY at my store
Ship times will be elevated for this great sale so order early! I reserve the right to cancel this sale at any point. Unless I am bombarded with orders this sale will run thru Halloween.

No mins or max orders, stock now for the rest of your shows. Pass this code to anyone who could use some of my stuff.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some New Shows and more

Well I didn't take pictures of my show on Sunday. So I have nothing to post LOL. It wasn't that great of a spot and well, I took my camera out and forgot to actually take the pics.

I do have 2 new shows to add to my line up and more coming as soon as I mail off the checks.
I am confirmed for Oct 24th in North Riverside, IL. See side bar on right for details.
I am not confirmed yet, but I applied to the Nov. 14th Show in Naperville, IL. Details in the sidebar, but I am not confirmed.

I am working on all orders placed in the past 10 days or so. I am getting them out in a first come first serve order. If you need anything for a specific date, please let me know ASAP.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a little update!

Hey Bloggers!

I am swamped with orders once again. I am working towards getting them out sooner and also trying to figure out some time saving strategies to get orders out faster. Any tips?

New bottle caps coming soon! I promise! I am probably too late for all my new halloween images, but I have alot of new christmas ones too!

I have alot of new products to put online. Trying to figure out a way to make everything and get it online as well.

I have a show coming up in Prospect Hieghts, IL on Sunday Oct 4. More info on that later!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Craft Show Saturday & Sunday

I will be at a Craft Show ths Weekend. I have tons of new items, so stop by and see me!

September 19 & 20

It will be in the parish center of
St. Dennis Church & School
1214 Hamilton St
Lockport, IL

Saturday 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
Sunday 8 am - 2 pm

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Updates and stuff

Wow what a long 10 days. I lost an Uncle on Sat and canceled my show for last sunday. I just didn't feel up to it due to the death the night before. I actually wasn't prepared as I should have been. I had some stuff but it worked out for the best. But enough about that.

All bottle cap orders are now caught up, almost all orders are out but for 2 recent ones. So feel free to place any orders :)

In an effort to prepare for my show this coming weekend in Lockport, I will not be working on any bottle cap orders until Saturday or Sunday. It shouldn't delay orders too much.

I have a new display I am trying to fill up and I just have not made enough items to make it look decent! The bits and peices I have been working on lately are rather pathetic. So I spent most of yesterday cutting and sealing ribbon. I hope I cut enough, we shall see. I started lining some clips and I have started on some bows. Pictures when I mount them. They are unfinished right now.

I have to run some errands later and pick up some more clips...i'm running low. So back to work for me, hopefully I have pictures tomorrow. If not Ill for sure have some on saturday of my set up!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Updated Shipping Schedule!

Due to my large order volume, I have decided to make a blog post with the aprox. shipping time of your order. This is based on the date you PAID for your order. Not the date it was placed. This chart is for bottle caps only. Thank you for your patience and understanding! I really do appreciate your business. If you need them sooner, please email me ASAP so I can rush your order.

Please note that this can change at any time. Please check back to see any updates to this list. This is also only a guideline, your order may have shipped sooner.

Paid for on---------------Shipping On

  • November 1st-------Nov 6th---------shipped
  • November 2nd------Nov 7th---------shipped
  • November 3rd------Nov 9th---------shipped
  • November 4th------Nov 9th----------shipped
  • November 5th------Nov 10th---------shipped
  • November 6th------Nov 13th---------shipped
  • November 7th------Nov 14th---------shipped
  • November 8th------Nov 13th---------shipped
  • November 9th------Nov 14th---------shipped
  • November 10th-----Nov 18th---------shipped
  • November 11th-----Nov 18th---------shipped
  • November 12th-----Nov 19th---------shipped
  • November 13th-----Nov 19th---------shipped
  • November 14th-----Nov 20th---------shipped
  • November 15th-----Nov 20th---------shipped
  • November 16th-----Nov 24th---------shipped
  • November 17th-----Nov 25th---------shipped
  • November 18th-----Nov 27th---------shipped
  • November 19th-----Nov 28th---------shipped
  • November 20th-----Nov 28th---------shipped
  • November 21st-----Nov 28th----------shipped
  • November 22nd----Nov 28th----------Shipped
  • November 23rd----Nov 30th----------shipped
  • November 24th-----Dec 1st-----------shipped
  • November 25th-----Dec 2nd----------shipped
  • November 26th-----Dec 2nd----------shipped
  • November 27th-----Dec 3rd----------shipped
  • November 28th-----Dec 4th----------shipped
  • November 29th-----Dec 4th----------shipped
  • November 30th-----Dec 4th----------shipped
  • December 1st-------Dec 4th----------shipped
  • December 2nd-------Dec 5th-----------shipped
  • December 3rd-------Dec 7th-----------Shipped
  • December 4rd-------Dec 7th
  • December 5th-------Dec 8th
  • December 6th-------Dec 9th
  • December 7th-------Dec 10th

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's my anniversary!

I just noticed it is my 1 yr anniversary on iOffer today. What a great day to get a nice letter from google saying they will no longer accept feeds from iOffer.

I also noticed my 1 yr anniversary on Etsy passed in August. I sure have come a long way since I first started offically selling my bottle caps online.

Lately, I have seen alot of bottle cap makers taking a break or closing up shop right at the start of the fall craft show seasons. I'm sure thier decisions are the best thing for them, and of course I am saying nothing bad of them. I have heard they do good work as well. I just want to say that I am still here and offering great bottle caps at resonable prices. I drill holes, add jump rings (split rings) and do custom orders as well. So if you need anything for upcoming shows, be sure to place an order now. I am about 5 days lead time right now.

Now, as far as iOffer goes, I am leaving my store there for now. If in a month or so, google is still not acceptng feeds from them and my sales are nil, I will close up shop there. You can always find my most complete up to date list of bottle caps on Bonanzle.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is it really September already?

My how time flies! Let's see, I have have tons of stuff going on with my son and his school. They already sent home a fundraiser on Monday, its for the scholastic books though and well you can never have too many books. I beleive its a monthly thing, but I'm not sure because this is the 1st year he is going full time. There are also 3 more fundraisers listed to start this month. One is ongoing all year! Really, does the school have any funds?

Besides that I have some news. I regret but I must close down my Mommy Auctions Store. They switched to only allow childrens clothing, and since I don't sell childrens clothing I am shutting down shop.

My inventory number system has been put on hiatis until I have more time, possibly mid December into January. So some stuff was already updated, alot wasn't.It is still pretty easy to read.

I am up to 5 days lead time now for orders. It was 6 days but I am starting to get caught up. I am working as fast as I can to get everything caught up. So with that being said, please place your orders with enough time to get to you. Roughly it is 2 weeks before they arrive at your house. So please please place your orders ahead of time.

I have 4 shows coming up, 1 is invite only so I cannot list that one. Its a private event I guess. I'm not too sure how it works, all I know is I am setting up a table there for guests to shop. You can, however, attend my next 3 shows. They are not confirmed yet, but I am sure they will. I am trying to fill my calendar with at least 4 more shows in the area.

I am working on some new products for my shows. You will be pleasantly surprised if you have ever seen me at another show. Alot of new stuff that is super cute! So don't forget to stop by!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Tomorrow is the 1st Day of School! Yay, I can finally really get to work with no distractions for 7 whole hours a day!

I've been busy. Current order volume is high and shipping time has increased to about a week now. Sorry about the delays, I know everyone is getting ready for fall and winter craft shows. So I am working as fast as I can to get orders out.

I've got tons of new designs listed, just no time to list. I am still working on my inventory system, however it is pretty much at a stand still right now.

It has been pretty crazy with orders around here and such. But now I need to go and pack my son's backpack for tomorrow and make sure I got all the supplies. If not, a late night trip to Walgreens for me.

Monday, August 17, 2009


So I added the location of the Shop that is carrying my products! I am excited! I beleive they are on shelves now.

I have been really busy this week! Not too much computer time for me, mostly working on things. I am about 3/4 finished with my image inventory! I may be finished by Sept.

I am currently applying to craft shows. I'll list them as I get confirmations. Not much else to say, pretty boring and basic around here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yay! I'm excited!

Busy Week over here! We were at the Bears Family Day today. OMG! Jay Cutler, he is awesome. Can we say superbowl material?
Earlier this week we saw the White Sox for the upmteenth time again. Sox Pride Baby!

It was soo hot today! Ouch! I got burned @ the sox games. I got more red today. I had on SPF 100 sunscreen all days too! So I guess it could be worse. Doesn't really hurt, I am just red mostly. Tomorrow is another scorcher! I am so not used to this weather! I dont even want to be outside tomorrow, but guess what? We have tickets to see the Flubs, eh I mean Cubs. So we will be out in the sun yet again. I am so worn out as it is LOL.

Now for why I am so excited!!!

The Gift Shop I had left samples at is going to sell my stuff!!! I got an order for 80 items. I'm excited! I don't have thier exact address yet (I just know how to get there). So I will be posting all the info at a later date.

I also got invited to do thier farmer's market. I am thinking about it because I still don't have a tent or my own tables. I haven't gotten that big into craft shows. I normally do the ones that are just a table and it's provided. So I have to think about it because it will be a heafty investment right now.

I am sending out apps for upcoming craft shows. I'll start posting them soon.

I added more items to my etsy shop. Take a look if you need some bottle cap images.

I am still working to get my bottle cap images organized. I have started uploading the new inventory system to my ioffer shop. It's abut 1/3 done over there.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Bottle Caps Added!

I added some new bottle caps to my Bonanzle store last night. Now I have over 2400 images to choose from! Of course custom orders are always welcome and I am working on even more graphics :)

I added a couple of graphic sheets to my Etsy store as well. I will be adding daily for the month of August to that shop.

My wheels are turning and I have new ideas in my head for some bottle caps. Those to be posted soon, I am still working out all the bumps.

Last but not least, my inventory system is coming along. No idea when I will be done though.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some new stuff and a SALE!

As you can see, I changed my look again. I am still trying to find my way in blog land. I think this look is really cute!

I have been busy working on bottle caps. I even tried my hand at painting some blank caps. I think they turned out well. What do you think?

I only did 3 colors to start out with. Look for them in one of my shops soon. Not sure which one yet!.

I have also been busy making bottle cap orders. Here are a few of my more recent completed bottle caps for orders. They are all available in my bonanzle shop. Some of them may be in my ioffer shop as well.

Cheer #1 Set

Hannah Montana Movie #2 Set

I have had numerous emails asking to buy my bottle cap graphics. So in response, I have listed a few more of my graphic sheets in my etsy shop. I plan to list at least 1 new graphic sheet per day for the month of August! So be on the lookout for that. Link is located to your right.

I am planning to do a give away for some of my items in the next month. Possibly to celebrate my new inventory system. So be sure to follow my blog so you can be the first to know when the giveaway is posted.

Also if you are one of my customers I would love to feature you and your items (that were made with my bottle caps) on this blog. So please email me at littleprincesspretties at gmail dot com with your link, product picture and a little blurb about yourself, your business ect.

Now for the SALE! I am participating in the Bonanzle Back to School Days Promotion. In my Bonanzle Shop, use code: schooldayz for 15% off your entire order! Stock up now for upcoming craft shows.

Friday, July 31, 2009

End of July...

It's the end of July! Where did the summer go? It hasn't even been hot here at all. Maybe 5 days have been above 85 degrees. Some days it was in he 50's. Crazy summer! School starts in less than a month.

So a few things I should let you know about. My inventory system is not going to be ready by tomorrow. Been really busy making items. So unfortuantly I have not had time to work on the inventory system. Im going to shoot for mid August to be completed but we shall see. Lots of work to be done.

New items were listed in my bonanzle store. I redid my ioffer store and will be adding things to that.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just another update....

Last Night was the team end of season party for my son. It was really nice and they got medals and a trophies. Very very cute, and my son was so proud of himself. My son will be moving up a division next season, so I am kinda sad that he will not get to play with his teammates. He could possibly play with 4 of them, since 4 other kids are also moving up a division. We are still going to go to t-ball practice until it is too cold to do it, except it will be a more relaxed schedule and of course no games to be ready for. We will also be heading to the batting cages 1-2x per week to learn to hit a ball that is thrown.

Now onto the biz stuff. I still have not heard back from the shop that was thinking of carrying my stuff. They still have my products, so I guess I am going to have to go in because I keep getting voice mail.

I am a bit busy with orders right now and working as fast as I can to get them made and out the door.

I am working on more new graphics for bottle caps as well as working on the image inventory system. I am happy to say I am about half way done with the "look book" as I am calling it. I have 1100 images inserted and numbered. Working on what is left of the 2400+

I am still shooting for August completion, but we shall see. I am also looking for some INDOOR shows from SEPT to mid Dec. Know any?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there in blogland. Enjoy the BBQ, fireworks and the friends and family, I know I will.

Now for another little update on the biz stuff. I know I am boring but, hey that's who I am.
I listed 53 new items to my bonanzle store. Lots of new bottle cap images. I am currently working on a design book with all of my images. This will be used at my shows for custom orders and for local customers. Must better looking than my current photo album and you can't steal the pictures of of this one. Sad, but it has happened.

But the best part of this is that I am making an inventory code system for all of my images!!! This will make ordering easier for you, and finding the correct caps easier for me. It's really win-win.

Of course since I have over 2400 images to process it is going to take some time to complete. I probably won't have this ready until August or possibly later depending on order volume and family stuff. Once I finish the book, I will then start on updating my image files and then eventually replacing photos in my photobucket, and in each of my stores.

I'm hoping to make ordering easier on you and me. Especially those who like to order just certain caps and not the complete sets.

Friday, July 3, 2009

We Won the Championship & Update

Great News! My son's t-ball team won the Championship game. My son played so well and really really improved. We are off to baseball next year! Way to go Rockies!! Still have a few things left to do with t-ball though. End of Season picnic & awards ceremonies and end of season team parties!

As for the business update....well still haven't heard back from the shop, not a good sign. Still working on my show schedule for the upcoming craft season.

Will post more in detail another time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My stuff might be in a shop soon!

Well I met with a shop owner today! I took a bunch of samples and my price list in. Very interested in my stuff. I left samples and they are going to discuss it tomorrow and let me know!!!

This shop already has something exactly like my stuff but the quality is terrible. Bottle caps were off on some stuff! It was terrible, bows were nasty and everything was way over priced. Stuff was on consignment though. I will be doing wholesale, so it will be much better for me.

Anyways I will update and let you all know if I get this shop :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Added my events

Take a look at the right side bar about halfway down the page. You will see some text titled "upcoming shows & events".

I will now keep you updated on my upcoming shows as I am confirmed for them.

Nothing much is listed now. I am still working out some scheduling and hopefully will start listing my fall shows soon!

In the mean time, if you need any bottle caps for your crafting for your upcoming summer and fall shows, take a look at my bonanzle store!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Template & Playoffs!!!

I changed my template yet again. The other one was nice, but after a while it just wasn't me. Hopefully this new template is more me. I think it is! It's very cute!

I have been super busy with my son's t-ball team! I am happy to announce that his team made the playoffs! GO ROCKIES!!!!!

We have a playoff game coming up and the end of season party this week! Hopefully I can find some time to craft in between t-ball stuff!.

I am currently looking for fall and winter shows to fill up my calendar. Do you know of any?
I am looking into a farmers market as well for rest of this summer.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bonanzle Block Party Sunday 5/31!!!

This is like a huge online mall sale. There are over 100 booths (stores) participating and running sales of 10%-50% off! They sale goes from 1pm Pst ( 2 mtn, 3 cst, 4 est) and end at 7pm pst (8 mst, 9 cst, 10 est). Be sure to stop by and visit all the sales. Below is the time frames and stores having sales. You can win prizes!!!

I will be having a 30% off sale on Sunday May 31st from 4pm pst (5 mst, 6 cst, 7 est) to 7pm pst (8 mst, 9 cst, 10 est)

Welcome To The Bonanzle Bonanza Block Party Where You Shop, Save & WIN!
You do not have to be registered to shop the great please take your time & take advantage of this great big on-line sale! PLUS get an entry for the prizes for every item you buy!!
Also Please Keep in mind that our merchants will be shopping too, so if they are not in their booths please leave any question you have through the contact seller option & they will get right back to you.
There is a list of merchants below that are offering special deals & discounts within their booth. We are bringing you the biggest & best sale you could possibly attend, PLUS you have the option of shopping it right from your home!There are 3 time slots that booths have registered for & each sale lasts for 3 hours. They are all conducted on Bonanzle's Time zone. Pacific Standard Time
The first is from 1:00pm pst 'til 4:00pm pst
(2:00mst, 3:00cst, 4:00est)
The second is from 3:00 pm pst 'til 6:00 pm pst
(4:00mst, 5:00cst, 6:00est)
The final time slot is from 4:00 pm pst 'til 4:00 pm pst.
(5:00mst, 6:00cst, 7:00est)
This will allow you a total of 6 hours to get to all the booths & purchase your goodies!
There will be PRIZES for the MOST ITEMS purchased & The Most Sales
1st place for the most items bought
2nd place for the most items bought
3rd place for the most items bought
1st place for the most items sold
2nd place for the most items sold
Please submit all purchases/sales with the link to the transaction through the contact button at
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask...don't be shy!
May the 31st Community Bonanzle Block Party Merchants !


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

A great big "Thank You" to the men and women who have served our country, or who are serving our country.

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day. Enjoy the weather and the bbq.
We are cooking out and having a nice time.

Happy Birthday to Jessy and Gianna!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's that time of week again! It's time for the weekly Baby Bottoms Up Sale on Bonanzle!!!!!!

This is a huge community sale. It is made up of over 50 vendors that sell items for babies and children! Most offer at least 10% off, others offer up to 30% off!!!!

Sale runs from 12:01 am on Thursday May 21st and ends at 11:59 PM on Friday May 22nd. 48 hours of shopping time!
No need to sign up to shop. Make sure you use the discount code BBU at participating booths (stores).

Ok here is the OFFICIAL LIST of Seller’s For The Baby Bottoms UP Game~~

SEE YOU Next Week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Working my fingers to the bone!

Upcoming craft show! THIS SATURDAY!
Moraine Valley College, Building U
9000 College Parkway
Palos Hills, IL
9am to 4pm
I will be leaving beging packing up at 3pm (I have permission). My son had a t-ball meeting at 5pm, so I have to get home to take him to that!

I have been very busy making inventory!
Lots of new spring and summer stuff!!! Will Have pictures of my set up after the show! I have tons of new headbands! I have those new toggle headbands that I just love! They are adjustable so anyone can wear them! Flip Flops and clips plus much more! I need to get back to work!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Weekend!

This is a busy weekend for me! Jake has t-ball practice tonight. Mean while before we leave I am packing up some orders to drop off at the post office. Hopefully if I move fast enough I can start on some orders that just came in.

After practice we usually go to Mcdonalds if he payed attention and listened during practice. So after that I will be burning the midnight oil to get some inventory made up.
Craft show at Moraine Valley College in 7 days and counting!

I am slowly adding some new graphic images for bottle caps on Bonanzle I am also still trying to update all my stores with eveything. I will be adding some more already made products as well!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Layout

So I did some rearranging of my blog today. I found a great new layout at

They have some seriously cute templates! It wa really hard to pick one. I love this new one, but there areothers I am considering. So if the template changes, well you know why.

I added a few things to the side bar. Nothing really fun yet though, it's more informational stuff for now. I am still new to this blogging stuff. I have been trying to post stuff at least weekly, but it really isn't working out :( I find my computer time limited because I am busy preparing for a craft show and filling orders. I also have t-ball thrown into the mix.

Here are my weekly accomplishments reguarding crafting:
I made a Mother's Day Gift for my best friend. I hope she loves it!
I made a birthday present for my niece :)
I made special bottle caps for said niece above, they are going on her birthday cake! Then they will be put on a charm bracelet and necklace for her.
I filled and maild 17 orders, I am tired! That was just 2 days worth work.
I also started to make some inventory for my upcoming show.

Craft Show Coming up...4/25

On 4/25 I will be at the Spring Craft and Vendor show at Moraine Valley College.

Here are the details:
Moraine Valley Community College
9000 W College Parkway
Palos Hill, IL

It is in building "U", the New Student Union Building, right next door to Building C.
It is on Sat 9/25 from 9am to 4pm.
There is a $2 entrance fee that includes some raffle tickets.

Prizes donated by vendors will be raffled off.

I was there for the Christmas/Holiday show and it is a really good one (which is why I'm going back).

Anyways, stop buy for some great deals! New spring and summer items will be on my table :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Snow Showers...

It has been a snowy 2 days in Chicagoland. Its all melted though, so that's a plus. I am working on updating my selling websites with all of my inventory.
I keep up quite a few websites and lately I admit I have not been doing a good job.

I listed some auctions on ebay....some of my more popular sets of bottle caps at lower prices. You can check them out here.

I will be listing some new items/images very soon. They will probably show up on my Bonanzle Store, since that is my most complete selling site.

Back to work for me.

Monday, March 9, 2009

March Update

Wow, where has the time gone? It's already 1/3 of the way thru March! I can't beleive how the time is flying.
Not sure if I mentioned it, but a show I applied to for March 28th, was full so I won'tbe doing that one. I also had a show scheduled for March 14th, however I have opted out of that one.

I have been really busy with orders from my online sites that I just have not had to time to make anything for my own inventory. Sure I still have quite a bit of stock left over from last year, but I want to show fresh new stuff, mainly with bright new spring and summer colors!

I have a show in mind for April 4th, so hopefully I will have some time to organize my inventory and figure out what I need to make. I also hope I will have some time to make stuff. I am already into my April schedule and I have yet to do a show this year!

I will also be selling at the Sequin Community Garage Sales starting on April 18th. I won't have any of my merchandise with me, I do beleive it is not allowed. I will strictly have just garage sale items, like old clothes and toys.

This year we are going to try to alternate selling at garage sales and then selling at craft shows. I hope it goes well. It sounds like alot of work but hopefully it will pay off in the long run.

My son's school is also having a Kid's Clothing and Backpack sale onApril 2nd. I will be donating some hair accessories, and other items, so come on out to support the school :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My bottle caps

In case you didn't know, I make and sell boutique bottlecaps. I also sell items I make with them if you are not the crafty type. But more on that later.

I beleive I have the MOST bottle caps available anywhere. I have somewhere over 2000 different listed on my bonanzle store. I try to add more at least weekly. I also do custom orders :)

So if you haven't seen them, here are a few. Those are my very popular Daddy's Girl bottlecaps.
So if you need any of them stop by my store. Bottle caps are $0.50 a piece, a bargain compared to other places. I get great reviews of them.
PS. If you have purchase any of my bottle caps and would like your creations (using my bottlecaps) featured on this blog send me an email :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

No School - President's Day

There is no school in the morning, so I am up late working away.

I am sitting here filling out some craft show applications. I'm getting a late start this year. I was a little concerned about how the new lead law was going to go down, but I have another year for that now. My product contain no lead or phalates, or are under the limits, I just could not afford to test every little thing. Most of my products are rather small, and I do have alot of them so it would get crazy expensive.

I'm not doing in shows in February. It's just too late, and even though I am sure I could get into some shows for the last 2 weekends, I am just not ready. I have alot of stock made but I need to rework my display. I also need to make lots of new stock. Mostly what I have left is stuff left over from my shows in November and December. I listed alot of my left overs online as well, so I have less than that.

I have tons of new bottle cap images to make into things, plus I am waiting on a bunch of supplies. I also need to order some display items for my table. I want it to look professional, like a boutique, yet also show that my items are handmade and unique. I don't want to look too much like a retail store because I don't want to be labeled as a retailer, because I'm not.

I have to get busy. If I get in I will have 2 shows in March. One in Palentine, IL on March 14th and another in Brookfield, IL on March 28th. I'm currently looking for some indoor shows for April and May. So if you know of any, let me know ok?

I'm not sure if I want to sign up for any in the summer months just yet. I have the garage sale flea market thing with Seguin that I am supposed to do and she has not released the schedule.

Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day and spent it with thier sweeties or kids. I know I did. We stayed in and ordered pizza. I'm thinking alot of people did the same things as us because the pizza took 2 hours to arrive. I could have walked there and back faster.

Oh well it did get here hot, so that's all that matters. We had a family night basically. It was fun and cheap, since we are on a pretty tight budget lately. Stupid economy.

So I am a little late but Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Link Referral

Lets cover one of the link exchange sites that gets me some traffic.

We all know how hard it is to drive traffic to your website. Even if you are on a major selling website that is a household name, it can be really hard to drive traffic to your website. Let's face is, there are other WAHM's, just like you, who are selling the same or very similar items as you. Sometimes they may be even selling those same items for a lower amount than you are.

So what is a girl (or guy) to do? The answer is simple. You have to get people to look at your website and your products. Of course this sounds a lot easier than it is. The more people that look at your website, the more potential customers you have.

A lot of site owners think that is they list it, buyers will come. While sure you may get indexed in a search engine, and get a few looks occasionally and you might even sell something once in a while. But this isn't really what you want. Most part- time WAHM's are looking for at least 1 sale a day at the minimum. Most are wanting to make a decent living off of this to supplement their other incomes.

How can you get people to look at your website? One of the many places out there is a place called Link Referral. Link Referral is a place where you can add your website link for free. Once you sign up and list your link you have the option to pay for advertising, but you don't have to. With as little as 5-10 minutes per day you can get some decent traffic to your site.

How the site works is that you surf 30 sites per day. You only need to look at them for a little while. There are categories set up and you can choose which ones you want to look at by their brief descriptions. Once you click, if it doesn't interest you after all, just close it out. If you like what you see look around a bit. Maybe bookmark it or even buy something from there. Buying and bookmarking is not required.

Once the little counter says you have visited 30 sites you are free to leave. Be sure to come back the next day to do it again :)

Now, if you still have some spare minutes, why don't you stop and write reviews on 5 of those sites you visited. You can do this while you are surfing to make it easier. If makes you go up higher in the pages, so it is good if you do that as well.

Within a day or 2 you will start to get some hits and reviews of your site. Eventually you will get a few hundred hits per week or month. The amount of hits you get depends on how active you are on the site.

Do you really have to login and click daily? No you don't but you will get more hits to your site if you do.

While it may not bring you sales right away, you get lookers and lookers usually turn into buyers. They may recommend you to friends or family if you have something they were looking for. You will not get rick quick with this, but it will help and baby steps are needed to get your site off the ground and profitable. Unless of course you have thousands of dollars to invest in advertising, but who has any extra money these days.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Awesome alternative selling site

Have you heard of the newest, awesomest selling site? It's called Bonanzle, and it was recently named the Top Ebay alternative of 2008! That is quite impressive since it only launched in Sept. 2008.

Bonanzle now has 1.1 million listings in the 6 months it has been around and is growing like a weed. 300-1000 new members are joining everyday. Why not join now!

Bonanzle offers something that ebay doesn't. FREE stores, no listing fees and low selling fees. You can list as much as you want for free and you only pay when you items sells. It really is great. The site owners AKA the Boyz AKA Mark and Bill are on top of things and handle all customer service issues in less than 24hours usually in less than an hour.

So head on over to the Ranch and join Bonanzle today.



To my new Blog. I've never really done anything like this before, so please bear with me as I learn.
In the coming weeks, I will be posting stuff about upcoming craft shows, advertising, marketing and whatever else that pertains to running a craft show and online biz.

Now for a little bit about myself...
My name is Margaret and I am a crafter. My husband and I live in the Chicago Suburbs and we have a 6 yr old boy. He is in kindergarden, so from time to time you may see some things about that.
I make boutique bottle caps that can be used in scrapbooking, jewelry, bows and lots of other stuff. I also make bows and other hair accessories. I travel around the Chicagoland area to craft shows to sell my wares.

In this blog I hope to cover my items, marketing and advertising ideas, products made using my items, reviews of craft shows and so much more.