Friday, July 10, 2009

Just another update....

Last Night was the team end of season party for my son. It was really nice and they got medals and a trophies. Very very cute, and my son was so proud of himself. My son will be moving up a division next season, so I am kinda sad that he will not get to play with his teammates. He could possibly play with 4 of them, since 4 other kids are also moving up a division. We are still going to go to t-ball practice until it is too cold to do it, except it will be a more relaxed schedule and of course no games to be ready for. We will also be heading to the batting cages 1-2x per week to learn to hit a ball that is thrown.

Now onto the biz stuff. I still have not heard back from the shop that was thinking of carrying my stuff. They still have my products, so I guess I am going to have to go in because I keep getting voice mail.

I am a bit busy with orders right now and working as fast as I can to get them made and out the door.

I am working on more new graphics for bottle caps as well as working on the image inventory system. I am happy to say I am about half way done with the "look book" as I am calling it. I have 1100 images inserted and numbered. Working on what is left of the 2400+

I am still shooting for August completion, but we shall see. I am also looking for some INDOOR shows from SEPT to mid Dec. Know any?