Friday, September 4, 2009

It's my anniversary!

I just noticed it is my 1 yr anniversary on iOffer today. What a great day to get a nice letter from google saying they will no longer accept feeds from iOffer.

I also noticed my 1 yr anniversary on Etsy passed in August. I sure have come a long way since I first started offically selling my bottle caps online.

Lately, I have seen alot of bottle cap makers taking a break or closing up shop right at the start of the fall craft show seasons. I'm sure thier decisions are the best thing for them, and of course I am saying nothing bad of them. I have heard they do good work as well. I just want to say that I am still here and offering great bottle caps at resonable prices. I drill holes, add jump rings (split rings) and do custom orders as well. So if you need anything for upcoming shows, be sure to place an order now. I am about 5 days lead time right now.

Now, as far as iOffer goes, I am leaving my store there for now. If in a month or so, google is still not acceptng feeds from them and my sales are nil, I will close up shop there. You can always find my most complete up to date list of bottle caps on Bonanzle.