Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Participating in Buddy Walk!

I am  participating in the Chicagoland Buddy walk on 10/10/10. We are trying to raise $500 as a team. Here is the link to my personal page, if you would like to donate. Or you can even join our team. We are looking for people to walk with us.

Any donations are appreciated. I am also selling keychains, with all profits going to buddy walk, on my facebook store!

My goal :)

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Team Goal

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Buddy Walks Goal

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Friday, July 30, 2010

School Supply Shopping

I went and did a little school supply shopping tonight. I only grabbed what I could remember because I forgot to put the supply list in my purse.
I do not remember Jake's list being so long and detailed last year! Wow!
I figured I would blog about the expenses and see what the grand total is when I am actually done with it.

This post will be updated and crossed off once I actually purchase the items. I estimate it will be roughly $300 for everything including uniforms...not including outerwear, even though we need to purchase larger sizes this year. Really If I had more than 1 kid I would go broke  buying everything!!!!

5 uniform polos
5 uniform pants
2 uniform shorts for hot days (luckily these still fit from last year)
5 undershirts because white polos are see thru
1 approved sweater/sweatshirt to wear in school because only certain ones can be worn (reuse from last year)
1 pair of new shoes
1 backpack

Also needed but optional I socks and underwear. It makes it more fun to have all "new" stuff for a new school year.
Because Jake had a growth spurt we also need :Winter Jacket, Light Jacket for fall and spring plus snow boots, hat and gloves (reused from last year)

Now for the required school supply list!!!

Item---------------------------total cost not including taxes which are 10.25% in my county
$10 mandatory----------$10
1 5 subject notebook
1 24ct crayola colored pencils
2 48ct crayola crayons
2 disinfectant wipes (no baby wipes) $1.99 each on sale - $3.98
2  4ct dry erase markers
4 large erasers
1 addition flash cards
1 subtraction flash cards
7 folders with pockets
3 8oz elmers glue
5 glue sticks--------2 for .25-----$0.75
2 jumbo glue sticks
1 highlighter
1 blank index cards 3x5
1 lined index cards 4x6
1 lg box klenex
1 box markers
7 70pg notebooks
2 soft pencil cases
1 pencil sharpener with cover
8dz pencils
2 durable homework folders
1 red pen
1 ruler
1 5in scissors
2 qt zip lock bags

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I made a facebook page!

I have FINALLY made myself a facebook fan page :) So check it out!
Little Princess Pretties on Facebook

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Changing things around!

I am changing my blog up some. New look and I am adding some new content to it :)
So please take a look around :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

WOW Long time no post!

I have been super busy creating stuff. My entire January thru March was comsumed with bottle caps . My April thru June has been consumed with bottle caps, little league and a few fests.

Maybe you saw me somewhere?
I was at Villa Park Summerfest on June 19th.

I was also at Little Boots Rodeo on June 27th.

Both shows were a blast. I am now addicted to fests LOL I am currently looking for some more fests to participate in. I will keep you updated on shows on my side bar :) Take a look