Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is it really September already?

My how time flies! Let's see, I have have tons of stuff going on with my son and his school. They already sent home a fundraiser on Monday, its for the scholastic books though and well you can never have too many books. I beleive its a monthly thing, but I'm not sure because this is the 1st year he is going full time. There are also 3 more fundraisers listed to start this month. One is ongoing all year! Really, does the school have any funds?

Besides that I have some news. I regret but I must close down my Mommy Auctions Store. They switched to only allow childrens clothing, and since I don't sell childrens clothing I am shutting down shop.

My inventory number system has been put on hiatis until I have more time, possibly mid December into January. So some stuff was already updated, alot wasn't.It is still pretty easy to read.

I am up to 5 days lead time now for orders. It was 6 days but I am starting to get caught up. I am working as fast as I can to get everything caught up. So with that being said, please place your orders with enough time to get to you. Roughly it is 2 weeks before they arrive at your house. So please please place your orders ahead of time.

I have 4 shows coming up, 1 is invite only so I cannot list that one. Its a private event I guess. I'm not too sure how it works, all I know is I am setting up a table there for guests to shop. You can, however, attend my next 3 shows. They are not confirmed yet, but I am sure they will. I am trying to fill my calendar with at least 4 more shows in the area.

I am working on some new products for my shows. You will be pleasantly surprised if you have ever seen me at another show. Alot of new stuff that is super cute! So don't forget to stop by!