Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yay! I'm excited!

Busy Week over here! We were at the Bears Family Day today. OMG! Jay Cutler, he is awesome. Can we say superbowl material?
Earlier this week we saw the White Sox for the upmteenth time again. Sox Pride Baby!

It was soo hot today! Ouch! I got burned @ the sox games. I got more red today. I had on SPF 100 sunscreen all days too! So I guess it could be worse. Doesn't really hurt, I am just red mostly. Tomorrow is another scorcher! I am so not used to this weather! I dont even want to be outside tomorrow, but guess what? We have tickets to see the Flubs, eh I mean Cubs. So we will be out in the sun yet again. I am so worn out as it is LOL.

Now for why I am so excited!!!

The Gift Shop I had left samples at is going to sell my stuff!!! I got an order for 80 items. I'm excited! I don't have thier exact address yet (I just know how to get there). So I will be posting all the info at a later date.

I also got invited to do thier farmer's market. I am thinking about it because I still don't have a tent or my own tables. I haven't gotten that big into craft shows. I normally do the ones that are just a table and it's provided. So I have to think about it because it will be a heafty investment right now.

I am sending out apps for upcoming craft shows. I'll start posting them soon.

I added more items to my etsy shop. Take a look if you need some bottle cap images.

I am still working to get my bottle cap images organized. I have started uploading the new inventory system to my ioffer shop. It's abut 1/3 done over there.