Thursday, September 17, 2009

Updates and stuff

Wow what a long 10 days. I lost an Uncle on Sat and canceled my show for last sunday. I just didn't feel up to it due to the death the night before. I actually wasn't prepared as I should have been. I had some stuff but it worked out for the best. But enough about that.

All bottle cap orders are now caught up, almost all orders are out but for 2 recent ones. So feel free to place any orders :)

In an effort to prepare for my show this coming weekend in Lockport, I will not be working on any bottle cap orders until Saturday or Sunday. It shouldn't delay orders too much.

I have a new display I am trying to fill up and I just have not made enough items to make it look decent! The bits and peices I have been working on lately are rather pathetic. So I spent most of yesterday cutting and sealing ribbon. I hope I cut enough, we shall see. I started lining some clips and I have started on some bows. Pictures when I mount them. They are unfinished right now.

I have to run some errands later and pick up some more clips...i'm running low. So back to work for me, hopefully I have pictures tomorrow. If not Ill for sure have some on saturday of my set up!