Sunday, September 6, 2009

Updated Shipping Schedule!

Due to my large order volume, I have decided to make a blog post with the aprox. shipping time of your order. This is based on the date you PAID for your order. Not the date it was placed. This chart is for bottle caps only. Thank you for your patience and understanding! I really do appreciate your business. If you need them sooner, please email me ASAP so I can rush your order.

Please note that this can change at any time. Please check back to see any updates to this list. This is also only a guideline, your order may have shipped sooner.

Paid for on---------------Shipping On

  • November 1st-------Nov 6th---------shipped
  • November 2nd------Nov 7th---------shipped
  • November 3rd------Nov 9th---------shipped
  • November 4th------Nov 9th----------shipped
  • November 5th------Nov 10th---------shipped
  • November 6th------Nov 13th---------shipped
  • November 7th------Nov 14th---------shipped
  • November 8th------Nov 13th---------shipped
  • November 9th------Nov 14th---------shipped
  • November 10th-----Nov 18th---------shipped
  • November 11th-----Nov 18th---------shipped
  • November 12th-----Nov 19th---------shipped
  • November 13th-----Nov 19th---------shipped
  • November 14th-----Nov 20th---------shipped
  • November 15th-----Nov 20th---------shipped
  • November 16th-----Nov 24th---------shipped
  • November 17th-----Nov 25th---------shipped
  • November 18th-----Nov 27th---------shipped
  • November 19th-----Nov 28th---------shipped
  • November 20th-----Nov 28th---------shipped
  • November 21st-----Nov 28th----------shipped
  • November 22nd----Nov 28th----------Shipped
  • November 23rd----Nov 30th----------shipped
  • November 24th-----Dec 1st-----------shipped
  • November 25th-----Dec 2nd----------shipped
  • November 26th-----Dec 2nd----------shipped
  • November 27th-----Dec 3rd----------shipped
  • November 28th-----Dec 4th----------shipped
  • November 29th-----Dec 4th----------shipped
  • November 30th-----Dec 4th----------shipped
  • December 1st-------Dec 4th----------shipped
  • December 2nd-------Dec 5th-----------shipped
  • December 3rd-------Dec 7th-----------Shipped
  • December 4rd-------Dec 7th
  • December 5th-------Dec 8th
  • December 6th-------Dec 9th
  • December 7th-------Dec 10th