Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bottle Caps, Bottle Caps, Bottle Caps

I finished up some orders today. Here are a few of the ones I made. I love them all. I am addicted to bottle caps :)

I listed a few new sets of bottle caps in my bonanzle store the other day. Mostly some halloween sets I should have listed a long time ago.
I have a sale post on the blog for my bottle caps. Be sure to check that out. Ends on Halloween.
I have a show coming up on Saturday in North Riverside, IL. Be sure to come by if you can.
I want to thank all my customers and loyal supporters for everything. Without you all, I wouldn't have even started making these for sale. I have come so far in a year. I did hit a few snags with shipping times these past 2 months. This was my first ever major craft season that I was making caps for, so I didnt know what to expect.
I am working on a new system to get things out faster. I can't start using it until Dec though, but it will be better for spring craft show.
Working on alot of other things, but I am still trying to get new images listed. Its a long process.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sale Sale Sale!!!!

Hey bloggers!
I am having a special sale to everyone who can find this code :)

I am offering 20% off all of my bottle caps. Use code BLOGTWENTY at my store
Ship times will be elevated for this great sale so order early! I reserve the right to cancel this sale at any point. Unless I am bombarded with orders this sale will run thru Halloween.

No mins or max orders, stock now for the rest of your shows. Pass this code to anyone who could use some of my stuff.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some New Shows and more

Well I didn't take pictures of my show on Sunday. So I have nothing to post LOL. It wasn't that great of a spot and well, I took my camera out and forgot to actually take the pics.

I do have 2 new shows to add to my line up and more coming as soon as I mail off the checks.
I am confirmed for Oct 24th in North Riverside, IL. See side bar on right for details.
I am not confirmed yet, but I applied to the Nov. 14th Show in Naperville, IL. Details in the sidebar, but I am not confirmed.

I am working on all orders placed in the past 10 days or so. I am getting them out in a first come first serve order. If you need anything for a specific date, please let me know ASAP.